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Bout' It Brass Band

The ‘BOUT IT BRASS BAND was an enigmatically unique brass band that played originals as well as very unexpected high-intensity cover songs!!! They would play covers from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Tool, Alice Cooper, Duran Duran, Beatles, Butthole Surfers, Outkast, Chicago and Joe Cocker (just to name a few). They all met by chance encounter when an up-and-coming horn band was double booked on a show with Casey Saba!!! They all decided to jam together and became fast friends and thus the ‘BOUT IT BRASS BAND was born!!!

Band Members include:


Casey Saba – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Brinkman – Trombone
Scott Inman – Sousaphone
Marcy Mayeux – Trumpet
Nick Murray – Saxophone
Justin Pardue – Trombone
David Will – Trumpet
Wade Hymel – Vocals, Drums

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